I need to update my customer details! (address, payment method, VAT ID)

Updating customer details (address, payment method, VAT ID) may be sometimes necessary - for example if your subscription is about to be deactivated due to a payment issue, or if you have recently changed the address of your company, and you need this reflected in your invoice. In this guide, you will find information how to change these details.

How to Access the Subscription Management Page?

1. From Your Email Inbox

Each time you make a successful payment (either for a new subscription or for a renewal of your existing subscription), you should receive a message to your registered email address starting with "Your Order: Corona Renderer - FairSaaS - 1 WS + 3 NODES (1 month)..." or similar. It contains an Order ID (it always starts with COR, like this: CORXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXXX), and just below the Order ID, you should see a link such as this one:



After clicking on this link, you will be redirected to a special Corona Renderer Store page, where you can edit your subscription:

2. From the Customer Zone on the Corona Renderer Website

Alternatively, you can go to the Corona Renderer Customer Zone page:


Then log in with your registered email address and password, go to "FairSaaS & Subscriptions" tab, click on "All Active Subscriptions", and then click on "link" below "info/cancellation". This will take you to your subscription management page, where you can update the details. 

Note: you can reset your user password (which is used to activate Corona Renderer and to access the Customer Zone) here: https://corona-renderer.com/customer-zone/password-reset

Editing Your Subscription

Once you reach the "Edit Subscription" page (see above instructions on how to get there), you can:

1. Update your Payment Method
Select "Update Payment Method", press "Next", then pick the method of your choice and fill in the form. Once done, save your changes.

 This is especially useful if:

  • Your credit card has expired and you need to use a new one

  • You wish to change the credit card used for your automatic subscription renewals

  • You need to update your payment method due to a payment error (in such case you should be informed about this by email)

  • You need to change your invoice details

2. Update Your Address
Select "Update Address", press "Next", then fill in all the required fields. Once done, save your changes.

Note: If you are not able to update some of the details (such as the VAT ID), you will need to contact us by submitting a support ticket. 

3. Find help regarding your VAT ID

If you have entered a valid VAT ID during the purchase, you should see a note in your subscription management page: "An existing VAT ID is on file for this subscription. Contact FastSpring if you need to change the VAT ID."

In case you need to change the VAT ID, you can:

Both of the above solutions are equally effective. In case of contacting us, we will simply forward your request to FastSpring, and we can also have a chat about rendering caustics or volumetric fog!

Updating Your Registered Email Address

To guarantee the highest safety standards, and because of technical reasons, it is not possible for the customer to update their registered email address on their own. If you would like to have your email address updated, please contact us by submitting a support ticket, and we will answer within at most 24 hours.

Note: your registered email address is used for accessing the Customer Zone and for activating Corona Renderer. It is also the email address to which all the notification emails are sent (regarding payments and licensing). You can reset your password here.