Problems with automatic rebilling

If you have successfully purchased a Corona Renderer license, our payment system should bill your credit card / PayPal account automatically each month (in case of FairSaaS paid monthly), or each year (in case of FairSaaS paid yearly, or Box+Subscription license). This guide is intended to help you renew the subscription which was deactivated due to a rebilling failure.

Possible causes

Most common causes of a rebilling failure include:

  • Insufficient funds on customer's account
    Solution: add required funds to your account

  • Credit card / account blocked by the bank for some reason
    Solution: contact your bank (or other credit card issuer) and explain them the situation in detail. When paying using PayPal - contact PayPal.

  • Only one, or a limited amount of payments allowed for the credit card
    Solution: contact your bank or other credit card issuer.

  • Recent change of the personal data registered to the bank account
    Solution: perform a new license payment using the new personal data, or update your payment method

What to do?

1. Contact us. It is best to submit a new support ticket. We will inform you about possible causes of the rebilling failure and suggest solutions. When submitting the ticket, please include your name, surname, order number and last 4 digits of the credit card number, which was used for the purchase (this is for security reasons).

2. If the problem is impossible for us to solve - you should contact your bank / credit card issuer as they may provide some important information.

3. After we receive your request for help, we will always contact our online store provider FastSpring - even if you have already done so. They should be able to help in most situations.

4. If all solutions known to us fail, we will arrange some other payment method - for example by wire transfer. Please understand that due to technical reasons, we will consider this step only for extreme cases, after everything else fails.

See also: General guide on payment problems