How to remove an old Corona Renderer version before installing a new one?

You do not have to do this. Just run the Universal Installer and proceed with the installation as usual. This will delete all files associated with any previous Corona version and run a new, clean installation. 

If you would like to uninstall Corona Renderer for some reason, you can do it:

Windows users,

  • Automatically - by going to the "Add or remove programs" feature in Windows and finding Corona Renderer.
  • Manually - by removing all Corona Renderer files. For the list of files, see: How to install Corona Renderer manually?

Mac users, 

(The remove Corona script can be accessed from here: remove_corona)

Please do the following to run the remove_corona script:

  • Download and save the file onto your local drive (it could be at Desktop or any other folder)
  • Right-click on the script file.
  • Hover over the Open With option.
  • Choose Other....
  • Locate the Applications folder, then open the Utilities folder, and select the Terminal app.
  • If you can't select the Terminal app, change the enabled applications from Recommended Applications to All Applications. (It is at the bottom of the window)
  • If you want to open every ".command" file with the Terminal app, tick the Always Open With option.
  • Press the Open button in the bottom right corner of the window.

Troubleshooting (Mac users)

If for any reason you're not able to run the script due to OS permission restrictions, please do the following steps to allow the system to run the script:

Scenario A:

Solution A:

  • Open the Terminal.
  • Navigate to the folder where the script is located
    (use the command "cd" to enter inside a folder or use the command "cd .." to go back to the previous folder. Don't forget to use the commands without the quotes.)
  • Once you've located the script, at the Terminal, type the following to set the proper file permissions:
    chmod 755 remove_corona.command
  • Next, you'll have to run the script using the following: chmod +x remove_corona.command
  • Now you can close the Terminal.

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