Renderstamp Variables

3ds Max:

These symbols, when put into the render stamp text in Render Setup > System > Frame Buffer > Render stamp, get replaced with corresponding statistics/render information:

Cinema 4D:

The same render stamps can be found in Render Settings > Corona > Frame Buffer Settings. Ensure 'Render stamp' is enabled before rendering.

Note: the variables work exactly the same for the render stamp and for the autosave filenames.

 Symbol   Meaning   
Performance: Parsing time (in milliseconds)
%ptgPerformance: Geometry preprocessing time (in milliseconds)
Performance: Secondary solver precomputation time (in milliseconds)
Performance: Denoising time (in milliseconds)
Performance: Total elapsed time
%prPerformance: Rays per second
Performance: Rays per sample
%ppPerformance: Passes
Performance: Noise level
%slScene: Number of light primitives
%soScene: Number of objects
%siScene: Number of instanced primitives
%suScene: Number of unique primitives
Scene: Number of displacement primitives
%cCPU name
%ctNumber of CPU thread(s)
Corona build name
Corona build datestamp
Current date/time
%hCurrent time
Currently rendered filename
%nActual frame number
Output filename
%vCurrent camera name
This computer name
Memory currently used by Corona
Peak memory used by Corona
Virtual memory currently used by the host application + Corona Renderer
Peak virtual memory used by the host application + Corona Renderer for that session of the host application
Virtual memory used by the system