Corona Wire shader

The Corona Wire shader can be used to visualize the edges and vertices of a 3D object. Its typical use is rendering the so-called "wires," where the whole scene is shown with visible edges. 


A vehicle using regular Corona materials (no Corona Wire map used so far):

Scenario A:

New material is applied to the vehicle with a Corona Wire Shader in the diffuse texture slot. 

Object edges are now rendered:

The material setup:

Scenario B:

Another material is applied, showing the object's vertices:

The material setup:

Scenario C:

Another material, showing both the vertices (magenta) and the edges (blue):

The material setup:

Scenario D:

In this case, the Material Override option is enabled in the Render Settings > General Settings > Render Overrides, overriding all the scene materials to one using the Corona Wire Shader. 

Note that both the vehicle and the ground objects are affected. This is useful for rendering the whole scene with a material displaying its wires:

The scene setup:

Scenario E:

Using the Texmap render element to load a Corona Wire Shader in the Multipass window. This will render the whole scene with just a single map applied to it (in this case, a Corona Wire Shader). 

Note that there is no shading since we are rendering a map (texture) rather than a full image with shadows, reflections, or other lighting effects. This is mainly useful for checking scene geometry and for cartoon-style renders:

The scene setup:

Scenario F:

The Corona Wire Shader can as well be used to affect other material properties than diffuse color. In this case, we will use it to affect the opacity channel:  

The material setup: