How to make Corona materials default in Cinema 4D? 

With the release of Cinema 4D R21 and upwards, It is now possible to assign Corona Materials as the default in your workspace. Previously, when double-clicking in Cinema's Material Editor it would create a standard Cinema 4D Material. This can now be changed to generate a Corona Physical or Legacy Material.  

How to set it as default?

In Cinema 4D's UI go to Edit>Preferences 

Select "Material" in the left-hand column and then expand the "Material Manager" tab. This will reveal a list of materials that you can then set as your default. 


Choose your desired default material and then close the Preferences window. In this example, we will choose Corona Physical.

Now back in Cinema 4D's UI, go to Window>Customization>Save as Startup Layout. 

With this new set up we can go to Cinema 4D's Material Editor and double-click in the workspace to automatically generate a new Corona Material.