Scene uses Corona Portal Material which is now deprecated. Portals are no longer needed since Corona version 6 and should be deleted. 

This error message appears in Corona Renderer 6 and newer if the obsolete Corona Portal Material is detected in the current scene. 

Starting with Corona Renderer 6, a new adaptive environment sampler is enabled by default, greatly improving image quality without the need to use portals. This means that portals are now obsolete and they are ignored by the renderer. It is not possible to create them anymore, and if an older scene with portals is loaded, they will not affect image quality or rendering performance at all.  

This also means that any geometry using the Corona Portal Material can be safely removed to make the scene easier to manage and to improve the viewport performance. 

The error message allows you to select the offending objects so that they can be manually removed. Corona Renderer does not remove such objects automatically and manual deletion is required.  

See also: (Corona Renderer 5 or older) How to use the Portal Material in Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D?