How to use Interactive Viewport Rendering in Cinema 4D

Since the release of Corona Renderer 4 for Cinema 4D, we have introduced the ability to designate any viewport to make use of Interactive Rendering. Not only does this clean up your working environment, but you can also interact with the scene geometry, for example: scale, move and rotate. You can also apply materials directly onto a mesh right onto the Viewport Interactive Renderer. 

Note: This should not be confused with the VFB Interactive Renderer. The features mentioned below are only available for the Interactive Viewport.

The Interactive Viewport is located in the main Corona drop-down menu in the Cinema 4D interface. The settings icon will allow you to fine-tune how you want the Interactive Viewport to work for you. 

With the window open, we can see a small number of settings that can be tweaked.

  • Viewport: 
  • Use render view: Specifies whether to use viewport marked with “Use as Render View”, or the currently selected viewport, as the source to render from. 
  • Lock view: Locks which viewport is used as the source for IR to whichever one is active when this is checked (or when viewport IR starts). E.g. if you have “Use selected view” enabled but “Lock View” unchecked, clicking to any viewport will switch IR to the newly selected viewport; if “Lock View” is checked, though, the IR viewport will stay using the current viewport even if another viewport is clicked on. 
  • Alpha mode: Disables drawing of the image background in the IR viewport; if enabled, then instead of the Sky or HDRI background image, you will see the viewport grid. 
  • Detail: Using the slider, you can set how detailed you would like your previewed image to look. The lower the value, the faster the preview will be.  

Note: Currently the Interactive Viewport doesn’t support changing the render resolution after IR has started; this means that resizing the Interactive Viewport window will scale the result of the render, not the resolution of the render; also, it means that changing the Detail value after IR has started won’t have any effect. To change either the render resolution, or the Detail value, simply restart the Interactive Viewport. This should be fixed in a future release. 

You can left-click on any object in the docked Interactive Viewport to select that object, and controls such as CTRL+left click for adding to a selection, etc. will all work. 

You can also move, scale or rotate the object using the regular Cinema 4D widgets right in the Interactive Viewport too, and the usual controls to navigate the camera or perspective view will work directly in the Interactive Viewport as well. 

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