Activating Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D

The "FairSaaS" license for Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D will prompt you to activate automatically or once any Corona rendering is initiated. Please note that you must be connected to the internet for a successful activation. This is a one-time process and you may choose to disconnect if you wish to work offline in the future.

Activation steps:

1. Download the universal installer (

2. Install Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D on your system.

3. Run Cinema 4D and make Corona Renderer the default renderer. 

4. An activation window should pop up. If it doesn't, Press ctrl+r (Win) or cmd+r (Mac) and render a blank scene.

5. Select “Activate FairSaaS/EDU” locate and insert your Customer Zone login information (provided to you in Customer Zone email earlier).

6. Press "OK" and BAM!! – Your license is now activated.


If you are experiencing any problems with the activation. For example, Corona Renderer does not allow rendering and displays a message such as:

To activate the demo, Click on "Activate license" and select "Activate demo for 45 days" and then press "Next". If successful, you should now be activated.

For FairSaaS/EDU activation:

Ensure that you are connected to the internet and in the licensing drop-down window, select "FairSaaS/EDU" license then press "Next". You will be prompted to enter your customer zone email and password. Please note that a "demo" license does not require an email or password.

Once successful, you should see a final window pop-up such as:

You should now be all set to continue working with Corona Renderer.

To view the status of your current license and access additional licensing options, you can go to Corona > About...

Note: The FairSaaS/EDU license will automatically renew each month or year depending on your license type. Did you know? If you are running an older version of Corona, It is free to upgrade to the latest version provided you have an active subscription. Upgrading will not disrupt your license in any way.

Please contact us if you need further assistance and we will be happy to help you.