How to install the nVidia AI Denoiser in offline mode?

In Corona Renderer 3 or newer, our universal installer attempts to download and install the he nVidia AI Denoiser automatically, provided that a supported nVidia graphics card is detected. This is however sometimes unwanted or impossible - for example in case of batch installing Corona Renderer on a render farm. In such cases, the denoiser package can be downloaded once, and then distributed along with the installer. Here is how to do it:

  1. Download the universal installer -

  2. Download the nVidia AI Denoiser package:
  3. Place the downloaded NvidiaAiDenoiser file next to the universal installer (e.g. if the universal installer is located in C:\Downloads, then place the NvidiaAiDenoiser file in C:\Downloads as well)

  4. Run the universal installer and proceed with the standard installation
    Note: there is no need to use the "Custom" installation type, or to check or uncheck any options. This will work even if you simply press the "next" button few times to finish the standard installation.

  5. The universal installer will install the nVidia AI Denoiser from the local folder instead of downloading it

The nVidia AI Denoiser installation can be also safely cancelled, or skipped completely - See: How to install Corona Renderer without additional data?

In case of troubles with the manual installation of any of the components, please contact us.