Corona renders black screen! - C4D

If Corona renders black screen only, this might suggest that:

  • There are no light sources in your scene.
    Solution: add light sources (either light objects supported by Corona or skylight)

  • Your license is not activated.
    Solution: Activate Corona

  • Wrong materials are applied - this could happen, for example, if pure black materials were applied to geometry after importing it to Cinema 4D.
    Solution: make sure that proper materials are used.

  • Some object, which is not visible in the viewport, is blocking your camera.
    Solution: move the camera out of the offending object, or remove the object.

  • Color tint ( Render Settings > Camera/Exposure/Tone Mapping > Tone mapping > Color tint ) in your scene is set to black
    Solution: change the tint to a brighter color, i.e., white.

  • Corona Renderer is not set as the default renderer.

           Solution: change the default renderer. Render Settings > Renderer > Corona.

  • A render region may be placed outside of the currently rendered frame. This can, for example, happen when using the 2D Pan Zoom Mode.
    Solution: Remove all render regions by clicking and holding over the Region button in the VFB and then selecting "Remove all".