How to work with Cinema 4D's hair with Corona Renderer?

If you didn't already know, It is possible to render Cinema 4D's hair with Corona Renderer. By default, Cinema's standard hair material is not supported by Corona but it can be used to fine-tune the final look you are going for, i.e.: hair, fur, or grass. Cinema 4D's hair material is a post-process material, It's applied at the time of render and gives the illusion of geometry.

To overcome this hurdle, one can simply create geometry by using the "Generate" tab found in the hair settings. From the drop-down list you will be faced with a few options of how you would like to have your hair, fur or grass generated.

Once successful, you should be left with something similar to this:

From here, you can continue to fine-tune the original C4D hair material such as Bend, Frizz, Curl, Thickness, etc and this will also update the geometry that was created. 

To finalize things, It's just a matter of placing a Corona Material onto the hair object in the hierarchy alongside C4D's hair tag.

Note: You must keep Cinema's hair tag on your geometry at all times. Removing this will also remove any settings you had applied for your final look. 

Hair examples: