How to install Corona Renderer manually using the "unpack files" option?

Sometimes, installing Corona Renderer manually may be the simplest solution to some installation issues. Here is how to do it:

1. Uninstall Corona Renderer:

To avoid issues, it is best to uninstall Corona Renderer first. To do it, simply go to the Windows "Programs and Features" or "Add or remove programs" list, and find "Corona Renderer for 3ds Max". 

2. Unpack the files:

  1. Run the installer
  2. Select "unpack files" and specify the location where the files should be unpacked
  3. Proceed with the installation
  4. The folder with the unpacked files will automatically pop up once the installation is finished

Install the plugin:

  1. Make sure 3ds Max is closed
  2. In the location where the files have been unpacked, locate the "3ds Max 20XX Plugin" folder
  3. You should find a few .dll files in there, and two folders: "scripts" and "plugins"
  4. Select all of the files inside the "3ds Max 20XX Plugin" folder, and copy them into your main 3ds Max installation directory (e.g.: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2018\):
    • The .dll files should end up directly in the \3ds Max 2018\ folder
    • "plugins" folder should replace the existing "plugins" folder
    • "scripts" should replace the existing "scripts" folder
  5. Once all of the above is done, Corona Renderer should appear on the list of available renderers in 3ds Max

Note #1: in some rare cases, Corona Renderer does not appear in 3ds Max even after manual installation. The solution is to copy the content of Corona Renderer's "plugins" folder into 3ds Max 20XX\stdplugs directory instead of the default 3ds Max 20XX\plugins directory.

Note #2: the additional files (NVIDIA AI Denoiser and Material Library) do not have to be downloaded during the installation. You can also install them in offline mode. See: 

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In case of any further problems with the installation, feel free to contact us