How to create clay renders in Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D?

To create clay renders in Corona use the "Mtl. override" option.

It can be found in Render Settings > Corona > General settings > Mtl. override:

Simply check the box, and drag and drop your clay material into the Texture slot.

Note: the material used as the override will be assigned to all objects in your scene including window glasses, portals or light emitters. To prevent this, click on the Include / Exclude option and pick objects that you do not wish to assign the override material to if using Exclude (or select the objects you do want to apply it to if you are using the Include option - whichever gives you a shorter and easier-to-manage list!):

The material used as the override can be very simple, and the default Corona Material is a good choice for this.


1. Original scene:

2. Override material is used for all objects in the scene:

3. Two torus knot objects are excluded from the material override:

4. Clay renders are sometimes useful for investigating rendering issues such as persistent noise. Window glass and portals were excluded from overrides to let the light into the room: