Corona Renderer for C4D Daily Builds

The daily builds are newest versions of Corona Renderer intended mainly for testing purposes, and to showcase the recently added features. They contain the latest bugfixes, but are not guaranteed to be stable, and in some cases can even damage scene files. If you do experience a crash, please see this guide. How to report issues?

Who is eligible?

  • Everyone with an active license has access
  • Can be also used with the 45-day trial license
  • No requests / applications are necessary

Where to find them?

Currently, the newest daily builds of Corona Renderer for C4D can be found, along with a changelog, in the following forum thread:

Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D daily builds 

If you are experiencing issues connecting to our forum page, please use the direct link below:

How to install them?

Daily builds come with an installer, and should be installed just like any other version of Corona Renderer for C4D.

An installation guide can be found here.


How to revert to the official release?

Simply run the Universal Installer and install Corona Renderer again.

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