Informing us of any crashes is very important. With your help and the data you give us we can find the origin to the cause and implement a solution into the next dailybuild and future releases.  

How to report issues?

Follow these guidelines when reporting any issues related to Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D:

  • Always tell us which version of Corona Renderer and Cinema 4D you are using. 
  • Provide a simple, clear description of what is happening. Screen captures or recordings are also very handy.
  • In case of reproducible bugs or other issues, provide a simple step-by-step instruction how to reproduce it.
  • If possible, provide a scene, where the issue is happening. It can be simplified, to make the file lighter, and to make it easier for us to focus on the problematic area. 
  • In case of crashes or freezes, send a screenshot of the visible error message or warning.
  • In case of crashes or freezes, provide us with a minidump file generated during the crash/freeze. Getting a minidump file is very easy. You can learn how to do it below:

Where are the '_BugReports.txt' and minidump files?

  • For Windows users, crash reports & minidumps can be found here:
  • C:\Documents and Settings\Username\AppData\MAXON\CINEMA C4D R****\_bugreports
  • And for Mac users, crash reports can be found here:
  • Users/UserName/Library/Preferences/MAXON/CINEMA 4D R****/_bugreports

Note: Mac's do not generate minidumps, only bugreports are created from Cinema 4D.

Private Uploader:

Note: It is advised for Mac users to send us the entire contents of the bugreports folder as described above. You can zip the file and send it to us via our private uploader.

Our upload limit is 256MB here or alternatively, 10GB here.

Additional methods to access bugreports and minidumps

  • In the Cinema 4D menu, click on 'Edit>Preferences' (ctrl+e), this will open the preferences window. In the lower left-hand corner click on 'Open Preferences Folder'. Windows Explorer will open and you will now have access to the folder "_bugreports". Additionally, you can also right-click on the '_bugreports' folder and select 'Pin to Quick access'. Now every time you open Windows Explorer the '_bugreport' folder will be displayed in the Quick access menu.
  • Type "%appdata%" in Windows search (next to the Windows start button) to locate the 'Roaming' folder, within that locate the 'MAXON' folder and the version of Cinema 4D if you have more than one release installed. In the Cinema folder, you will also find the '_bugreports' folder.
  • Manually locating the '_bugreports' folder: C:\Documents and Settings\Username\AppData\MAXON\CINEMA C4D R****\_bugreports

How to generate minidump files?

Download and run this tiny application to obtain the minidump file:

Process Explorer

When the error message appears, or during the freeze, run the Process Explorer, find "CINEMA 4D.exe" process, select it, and go to Process > Create Dump > Create Minidump... then save the file in a desired location and upload it to us.

Where to report issues?

The preferred contact channel is submitting a ticket in our support portal.

You can also describe your problem on our C4D forum -,36.0.html

Please be sure to read this short guide prior posting your bug report on the forum -,15447.0.html