How to report issues?

Follow these guidelines when reporting any issues related to Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D:

  • Always tell us which version of Corona Renderer and Cinema 4D you are using. 
  • Provide a simple, clear description of what is happening.
  • In case of reproducible bugs or other issues, provide a simple step-by-step instruction how to reproduce it.
  • If possible, provide a scene, where the issue is happening. It can be simplified, to make the file lighter, and to make it easier for us to focus on the problematic area. 
  • In case of crashes or freezes, send a screenshot of the visible error message or warning.
  • In case of crashes or freezes, provide us with a minidump file generated during the crash/freeze. Getting a minidump file is very easy. You can learn how to do it below:

How to generate minidump files?

Download and run this tiny application to obtain the minidump file:

Process Explorer

When the error message appears, or during the freeze, run the Process Explorer, find "CINEMA 4D.exe" process, select it, and go to Process > Create Dump > Create Minidump... then save the file in a desired location and upload it to us.

Where to report issues?

The preferred contact channel is submitting a ticket in our support portal.

You can also describe your problem on our C4D forum -,36.0.html

Please be sure to read this short guide prior posting your bug report on the forum -,15447.0.html