I purchased Corona version X, how can I use version Y now?

This article applies to users who have purchased, and are using now, an older version of Corona (for example v1.4) and would like to use a newer one (for example v1.5). The answer is dependent on the kind of license you own:

  1. FairSaaS and Educational licenses
    You can simply download and install the new version of Corona Renderer. Our FairSaaS licenses allow installing any version of Corona Renderer out there, including the experimental daily builds.
    Learn more:
    FairSaaS license - https://corona-renderer.com/prices-licensing/fairsaas/
    Educational license - https://corona-renderer.com/prices-licensing/student/
    Daily builds - https://coronarenderer.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/5000570015

  2. Box license with subscription
    You may use any new version of Corona Renderer if your subscription is currently active. In such case, see point 1.
    If your subscription is deactivated, you may only use the most recent version of Corona which was available while your subscription was still active.
    Learn more:
    Box license - https://corona-renderer.com/prices-licensing/box/

  3. Box license without subscription
    You may only use the version of Corona Renderer which was the most recent when you purchased your license. If you wish to try a new version of Corona, you will need to purchase a SaaS license.
    Learn more:
    Box license - https://corona-renderer.com/prices-licensing/box/