Corona for C4D Helpdesk - Where to Start?

You have successfully installed Corona Renderer and saw our first steps in Corona tutorial. You want to learn more, but there are so many articles and features, that you don't know where to start? Don't worry, here is a short list of most useful solutions for beginners:


General info

How to set Corona as default renderer?

How to convert scene from other renderer (V-Ray, Mental Ray, ...) to Corona?

Commonly used abbreviations (LSM, MSI, ...)

Where can I find out what each Corona button or setting does?

How to use Interactive Rendering?

How to reset settings to their default values?

How many passes is enought?

How long should I render my image?

Problems with rendering

How to get rid of excessive noise?

How to report bugs and other issues?

Basic render settings

What are the best render settings?

What is GI vs. AA balance?

What is Light Samples Multiplier (LSM)?

What is Max Sample Intensity (MSI)?

Tutorials and guides

Should I use Corona Light Material or Self Illumination?

How to model a liquid in glass?

How to set up HDRI environment?

How to use motion blur?

How to use depth of field?

How to create background material?

How to compose 3D objects into a 2D background?

How to use light portals?

How to use photographic exposure?

What type of glass should I use?

How to create realistic glass or metal materials?