How to configure gamma, lwf, color profile?

Gamma, Linear Workflow, and Input Color Profile settings should be left at Cinema 4D defaults to ensure consistent behavior and expected render results. This includes:

  • Project Settings > Linear Workflow: on
  • Project Settings> Input Color Profile: sRGB

Disabling Linear Workflow will only affect the handling of native C4D shaders - for example, a texture nested inside the C4D filter will behave differently based on the LWF setting. Native Corona maps nested inside Corona materials will always behave the same way, regardless of the LWF setting. 

Input Color Profile specifies how the RGB values in materials are interpreted. sRGB setting will give the same color in the material editor as in the final render. Setting Input Color Profile to linear will give the same behavior as Corona has in 3DS Max when using the 3ds Max color picker.