How to add daylight in Corona Renderer for C4D

To add daylight to your C4D scene:

1. Add a Corona Sky by going to Corona > Corona Sky

2. Add a Corona Sun by going to Corona > Corona Sun

If you render your scene now it will probably look overexposed. The reason for this is because Corona's default exposure is set to an "interior" lighting setup.

To overcome this for "exterior" rendering, simply lower the Exposure (EV) of the camera to around -3, this can be done via the VFB or the Corona camera tag. Changing parameters in the VFB will automatically update in the camera tag and vise versa. 


You should now have a well balanced exposure as shown below:

Scene rendered with Corona Sun and Sky.

The Corona Sky will be automatically linked to the Corona Sun, so if you change Corona Sun's position, the sky will change accordingly:

Sun position was changed - the sky updates according to the change.

You can also control the appearance of sun and sky by changing their attributes, such as sun's size and color: 

The sun's size and color was altered.